“Just wanted to tell you that you’re awesome! Never thought I would get so much out of Skype training!”

Shimi Melbourne, Australia

“If you’re looking to get stronger, you’ve come to the right place!”

Katherine New York, NY

“I am a very fit person and Kristy managed to absolutely kick my butt!”

Kristen Brandon, FL

“I’ve never felt (or looked) better! And I couldn’t wait to wear my wedding dress on the big day! 🙂 Thank you Kristy!”

Elysha Boston, MA

“Kristy is such a great person to work with! I haven’t been pushed like that in a long time! Thanks Kristy!”

Gao Alabama

“I’ve been working out with Kristy for a few weeks now and have seen great results so far. I will definitely be ready for summer (and my bridesmaid dress!) Thanks Kristy. You are awesome!”

Megan Canada


  • When your very helpful 30lb toddler wants to "help" you do your workout and then yells "More! More!" when you think you're done 😳 Planks it is to finish 😂😂 She's worse than a trainer!! 😩😂 #BEanEverydayChampion #StAugustineFitness #OnlineWorkouts #ToddlerTrainer
  • Play time!

Sometimes it's good to stop, drop, and see if you can still do things. You might actually surprise yourself 😜

It's been well over a year since I've even tried one of these, but I'll take it for being almost 40! 😩😂😂 #BEanEverydayChampion #handstands #presshandstand #nevertoooldtoplay
  • Quick break between clients ... it's been a while since I've lifted any decent amount of weight. Between clients and teaching 15 classes a week I've 1) had not much time to spare and 2) thought/made the excuse that doing 15 classes a week was enough for my own workouts. 
Not lifting heavy though has helped me lose a lot of the muscle mass I had. It's time to get to work on building these chicken legs of mine 💪🏋🏻‍♀️🎉🎉 #BEanEverydayChampion #GetStrong #BuildMuscle #NoMoreChickenLegs
  • Stretch yourself beyond the limits of what you think you can do. Dive into your fear zone and find what's really possible for you! 
#BEanEverydayChampion #trxforyoga #trxyoga #bestrong 

7:30am EST Core Conditioning (sneak peak below)
3pm EST  Body Sculpt

Come join me tomorrow for a FREE DEMO! 💪🎉 All classes are just 30 mins and can be done from home. (You'll be amazed how much you can get done in just 30 mins 😜) Comment below or PM if you'd like to join us. Space is limited 🏋🏻‍♀️ #BEanEverydayChampion #OnlineWorkouts #HomeWorkouts

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