“Just wanted to tell you that you’re awesome! Never thought I would get so much out of Skype training!”

Shimi Melbourne, Australia

“If you’re looking to get stronger, you’ve come to the right place!”

Katherine New York, NY

“I am a very fit person and Kristy managed to absolutely kick my butt!”

Kristen Brandon, FL

“I’ve never felt (or looked) better! And I couldn’t wait to wear my wedding dress on the big day! 🙂 Thank you Kristy!”

Elysha Boston, MA

“Kristy is such a great person to work with! I haven’t been pushed like that in a long time! Thanks Kristy!”

Gao Alabama

“I’ve been working out with Kristy for a few weeks now and have seen great results so far. I will definitely be ready for summer (and my bridesmaid dress!) Thanks Kristy. You are awesome!”

Megan Canada


  • So thankful my mum was able to make the trip over from Australia 🇦🇺 to spend the past 3 weeks with us 💕

Time goes so fast. It's just another reminder to make the most of each day and be grateful for the time we can spend with each other.

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  • Our Everyday Champion workouts are up on the app for July! Who else wants to feel confident and strong this summer?

These workouts can be done anywhere and have modifications for everyone from beginner to advanced. 🙌

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  • Better late than never! Happy belated International Handstand Day friends! 😁

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  • Showing my mum the local sites. She's been in town from Australia for the past three weeks 💕

I love this place! 
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All you need for this workout is your own lovely self 😁 If you have a jump rope, great! If not, substitute Jump Rope with Jumping Jacks 👍 ✔️ Jump Rope x60 sec
✔️ Squat Jacks x70
✔️ Bicycles x60 ✔️ Glute Bridge x50
✔️ Push Ups x40
✔️ Burpees x30
✔️ Sprinter Sit Ups x20
✔️ Push Back Push Ups x10
✔️ Jump Rope x60 sec

Take breaks when you need but try to get through the workout with minimal rest. Repeat 1-2 sets! 💪

Have an awesome weekend 🙌

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