Winter Warrior Circuit Workout!

Squat JumpsStuck inside and can’t get to the gym? Try this 60 min circuit workout!

Warm Up:
– Body weight Squats x20
– Plank Shoulder Taps x20 es (each side)
– Sprinter Stretch x5 es
Repeat x2

Workout: (Do 50 Jumping Jacks between every exercise)
– Squat Jumps x30
– Single Leg V-ups x30 es
– Alternating Fwd Lunges x30 es
– Burpees x30 (with push up and jump)
– Bent Over Row w DB’s x30
– Lunge Jumps x30 es
– T-Stabilization x20 es
– MB Russian Twists x30 es
– Mountain Climbers x50 es
– Bicycles x50 es
Rest 1 minute and repeat!

– Plank jacks x20
– Oblique plank w hip dip x20 es
– Plank hold x60 sec
Repeat x3

Let me know how it goes!!

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Kristy Lee Wilson