Q: I had a C-section 5 weeks + 3 days ago so do you think it’s the right time to start working out?


Hi. I had a c-section 5 weeks + 3 days ago so do you think it’s the right time to start working out? Although I lost 9 kgs instantly after the delivery I look more fat than I use to be before I was even pregnant. Please help. I’m 28, 5’2, and weigh 64 kgs now. Can I just start the upper body workout but that also includes chair dips, push ups. I need a “head-start” from my doc but that appointment is still 2.5 weeks away, can you advise?


Always make sure you get your Dr’s OK before you resume working out.

Once you begin exercising post C-section it’s important to start with simple core rehab type exercises such as abdominal activation, pilates imprint and release, knee fall outs, heel slides, and glute bridges. These exercises, along with the time frame it is safe to start them, can all be found in the “C-section Recovery” section of my Post Baby Program. Walking is also recommended in the early days. 

Remember that a C-section is a major abdominal surgery.  It’s important you give your body enough time to heal. No push ups, planks, or traditional ab exercises until you have done the basic core reactivation and strengthening exercises. In fact after a C-section it is recommended that you do no traditional ab exercises for at least 8-12 weeks in order to prevent an umbilical hernia.

Assessing for diastasis recti is also a MUST before resuming regular exercise. This will dictate where you need to start.

Walk as much as you can, focus on your nutrition and try to be patient. Your body will bounce back. You’re still in the early days. 

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