Kristy Lee Wilson’s Winter Workout Series – 60 Minute Circuit Workout

60 Minute Circuit Workout!

Plyo Push UpStuck inside and can’t get to the gym? Try this 60 min circuit workout!

After warming up with light cardio for 5 minutes repeat the following list of exercises 3-4 times! Rest 1 minute between sets.


  1. Push Up Jacks x20
  2. Renegade Row x10 ea
  3. Reverse Lunge x15 ea
  4. DB Push Up with Rotation x10 ea
  5. Burpee, Mountain Climber, Push Up, Jump x15
  6. Walking Plank x10
  7. In/Out Plyo Push Up x20
  8. Jump Lunge x20 ea
  9. High Knees with Overhead DB Punch x50 (slow count)
  10. Single Leg V-Ups x20 ea


*Book a 60 minute session with me on Wello at and I’ll run you through it!


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Kristy Lee Wilson