Client Spotlight: Meet Kristin

Kristin Pic


I had no doubt that Kristin would crush her law enforcement fitness test this morning… and that she did!

For those of you who don’t know her story, last year (2016) Kristin‘s mom reached out to me asking if I could help Kristin with her push ups as she had failed her first attempt at the fitness test. She had passed everything with flying colors, except the push up portion.

Of course! How could I say no to push ups! 

We began training together, virtually on Zoom, and dove straight into strength training and learning how to do ONE good push up! Yes, you guys read that right … ONE GOOD push up!

Each session, Kristin showed up READY to work. She worked her butt off for months to achieve this goal!

Throughout her journey she has gone from not being able to do one good push up to doing over 100 push ups in a 30 minute session! This morning she not only passed her Fitness Test … she KILLED IT!!! 27 push ups with them counting 20 of them (strict testing standards)!!!

Help me send her a big congrats and High 5! (You can do so by jumping in our Everyday Champions FB Group). This goal and achievement is HUGE for her! 

Read what Kristin had to say about her journey:

“I’ve been working with Kristy for about 9 months now, working on my push ups, overall strength, and endurance to pass a seriously demanding fitness test for an exciting new job opportunity. I honestly could not be happier with the changes I’ve seen in my health and strength … an my push ups! I truly could not have made this journey toward reaching my goals without Kristy! I can do a whole bunch of push ups now and they don’t look like a cross between a daddy long legs (Daddy long arms?) and a middle schooler trying to do the worm anymore.

Seriously, whether you’re looking to get fit and don’t know where to begin or want to get stronger and healthier, Kristy can help! Check out Kristy, her programs, and her brand spanking new app and you can thank me later!”

If you’re READY and willing to achieve your next big fitness goal, let’s chat! Contact me today and let’s get you started on a program that will help turn your goal into a reality.

Kristy Lee Wilson