“I feel like a different person than I did last September. I’m more confident & feel physically stronger.”

Kourtney is a busy working mama who has a story I think many of you could relate to. The road hasn’t been an easy one for her, but she has stayed consistent, is very coachable, and has worked hard for the results she’s seen.

I met Kourtney last September (2017) when she decided to try a free online HIIT Class I was offering for Labor Day. She had tried exercise DVDs, YouTube videos, as well as trying to do workouts on her own and was open to seeing if an online class would be different and something she would enjoy.

Last September, Kourtney was experiencing a real low point in her life. She had recently stopped taking her depression/anxiety medication that she was put on after giving birth to her daughter in 2013 and  just wasn’t happy with herself mentally, or physically, with her weight.

“I felt fat, didn’t want to be in pictures and my mind felt just blah and empty because a pill had basically been controlling me for a few years,” she remembers about that time.

The first online session she joined she had very little stamina or confidence. “I felt so winded and like I ‘couldn’t’ do certain things.”

But she kept coming back because being able to get her workouts in from home was very convenient for her since she often had her toddler to care for and does not live close to any gyms or a YMCA.

Since last September (2017) Kourtney has  lost almost 21lbs, has dropped 3 dress sizes and says she now feels GOOD both mentally and physically!

When I asked her about the obstacles she feels she’s overcome in the past few months she says…

“Now I’m not gasping for air after each session and don’t fear what’s to come in each workout. Even though we are training virtually, I still feel there is a relationship. No matter how many sessions you schedule, 1-4 times a week, you keep in touch and are available whenever we have a question. Not only is someone keeping you accountable, but is caring for you as well.”

I should also mention that Kourtney suffers from regular migraines along with high blood pressure which has required her to be on medication for almost 10 years. Her last  few doctor visits have shown that her blood pressure has been staying low and as a result she has been able to reduce her medications.

Over the more recent months we have found that 1:1 personal training seems to work better than group online workouts.

With the 1:1 Personal Training training you really get that actual ‘coaching’ you need. It’s helpful in perfecting your form and doing the exercises correctly. You can get bored with DVDs or other online workouts where there isn’t a ‘live’ person. When working online with you, you have the freedom to workout from wherever you are, and someone is there to push you to keep going. It’s super easy to quit a DVD when it gets too challenging or when you’re too tired, you keep yourself accountable when you have someone there watching and helping push you through.”

What I love most about Kourtney’s story is that just a few months ago she really was not feeling good, emotionally, physically, or mentally … at all!

She now says, I feel like a different person than I did last September. I’m more confident & feel physically stronger. Last year I was so down on myself for my size & how I had let myself go. A lot of it was the medication making me lazy. Now I can be in charge of myself. It’s an exciting time that I didn’t think I would get to see. You have taught me that I’m capable of more than I let myself think I am. Thank you for that!! Xo”

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, here’s your chance to take action just like Kourtney did!

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– Kristy xo

Kristy Lee Wilson