3 Top Bodyweight Core Exercises – You Can do These at Home!

3 of my Favorite Bodyweight Core Exercises!

The 3 exercises below are highly effective core exercises (if done correctly), but are ones that are more often than not done with poor form (hence, not as effective as they could be).

Pay attention to the tips I’ve listed to be sure you get the most out of these exercise. Good form, and focused training, will reward you with maximal results from your workouts!

1. Shoulder Taps
Keep your hips as STILL as possible as you lift your hand to tap the opposite shoulder. Your core will need to WORK MORE to help stabilize your hips.

2. Walking Planks
Another of my favorites, but one that’s often done ineffectively. Again, keep your hips STILL as you lower to your elbows and then push back to your hands. Avoid allowing your hips to rock side to side. Hands replace exactly where your elbows were coming directly underneath your shoulders.

3. Three Count Push Ups
Lower down in a count of three and push up in one. Keep your core strong, no breaks in your hips, and exhale as you push away from the floor. Aim to bring your chest down elbow height.

**To modify all these exercises simply drop to your knees.


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Kristy Lee Wilson